The Verbier E-Bike Festival is THE must-see event of the summer for all e-bike enthusiasts and a unifying event bringing together people of all walks of life and all ages.

Four days of events allowing everyone to discover the latest e-bike models, new trends and to discover, or rediscover the joys of e-biking. 

As exhibitors, we set up privileged conditions to welcome you and offer the best possible experience, whether as a participant or exhibitor.

As an e-bike brand, you benefit from an exclusive advantage with a free location available for the duration of the festival.

As suppliers and brands in the industry, come and enjoy a unique environment that will put you in direct contact with thousands of festival-goers who come to indulge in activities and have a good time at Verbier.

 Why free?  Because you are an integral part of the festival’s success and we want to offer as wide a range as possible to participants and your potential future customers.

With almost 3,100 participants, the Verbier E-Bike Festival 2023 was once again a success, with a similar turnout to the previous year and excellent weather over the 4 days of the event.

The village welcomed a constant flow of participants, giving the 48 exhibitors the opportunity to interact with the public and offer more than 500 e-bikes for testing. At a time when the bicycle market has suffered a significant contraction (too many stocks, uncertain economic times, and decreasing margins), the number of exhibitors nevertheless increased, with a slightly more limited selection of bikes than at the last event (520 vs. 620 in 2022). The VEBF is therefore seen as a must-attend event in the bicycle industry.