12th - 15th August 9am - 6pm
E-Bike Test

9 Trails Accessible for Everyone

Come and join us at the Verbier E-bike Festival, the biggest e-bike test in the world! Test and compare all the latest  models. More than 30 industry brands will be represented with e-bikes available for all levels of riding. Try as many as you like!

E-MTB : Electric mountain bike perfect for mountain paths 
E-Gravel Bike : Electric bike perfect for gravel paths and roads 
E-Road Bike : E-bike designed for tarmac roads


Swiss law states that you must be over 16 years old to ride an ebike. It is permitted for children between the ages 14-16 if they possess a moped driving license.

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   August 12 - 15 2021 / 9am – 6pm
Freepik    Rue de Médran & Route de la Poste


   Open to all (Novice to Advanced)


   10 to 30 minutes loops



 20 CHF / day (Helmet use is mandatory. Helmets are not provided.)



Want to become an exhibitor ? Email us at : exhibitors@verbierebikefestival.com

Bike Test Blue Trails

The Verbier E-Bike Festival is open to all levels. The blue E-Bike Test trails are perfect for you, if you're looking for a quick relaxing loop with gentle climbs and descents. 

Below you can see the profiles for the two Blue E-Bike Test trails:

E-Bike Test Red

If you're a little more confident on a bike, then our selection of Red E-Bike Test trails are perfect. With quick climbs and slightly more technical elements they will show you just how good E-bikes can be!

Our favorite one? The Mayentzet by Haibike, the longest of all red tracks with great terrain and beautiful scenery. 

Check out the profiles of the 3 trails below:

E-Bike Test Black Trails

Ok, so you're pretty good on a bike and you want to really put the E-bikes to the test? The Black trails are perfect for you. The tight, technical trails, steep climbs, and bikepark sections will really let you see what the E-Bikes have got give! 

The profiles for the two Black trails are below: 

E-Bike Test Road

E-Bikes are not only for trails! E-road bikes are leading a revolution in the road biking scene! Our E-Bike Road Test loop is the perfect lap to try out the best in the E-Road category. 

To summarise
  • From August 12 to 15, 2021
  • 9 loops from 10 to 30 minutes
  • Try out E-Bikes from over 30 different brands
  • Accessible for everyone
  • 20 CHF per day

Paved road or 4x4 tracks

Gentle slope without any obstacles


4x4 tracks

Wide paths


Technical tracks, Single tracks

Forest sections, roots & rocks


Very technical tracks, Single tracks

Steep sections, roots & rocks